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jobs after injury
I believe this was asked before but I cannot find the link-just wondering how many IW were able to find a job after their injury? I was terminated at the end of FMLA, but have recently been released to light duty with restrictions-I have been out of work over 2 years and I am having trouble even getting a response to my resumes. Also, is it true that an employer may have access to whether you have ever filed a comp claim or not?-I have not encountered anything that suggested this-but did find it on a package of paperwork that a family member had on his. I believe it was in the background check request or something to that effect. Thanks for all help.
Hi Pied.
I have been in voc rehab since Oct 2006....I've had no results finding a job either. I have had interviews, but noone seems to be interested in me. It is degrading, and I get the feeling that a once constructive, productive and model employee is now not worth employing because of restrictions. I have wondered about prospective employers having accesss to the WC claim info also....as I've certainly not told any of my interviewers that I have an open WC claim going. I'm wondering if this is why I also do not hear from many companies after they receive my resume...as I have sent out hundreds. My main beef with the voc rehab system is....them pushing me to get a job, ANY job, (outside my suited skills that they tested me for!)....even if it's passing out pretzel samples at a mall....NOT doing that!!
Take care & good luck, Lilly.
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

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was medically retired
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I along with Jayne will probably be medically retired and collect disability from my pension. I have applied for other positions before I was injured and was always asked the same thing. "why would you leave your present job after so many years? We can't pay you half as much as you're making now" hence my belief that even if someday I can do a little something part time I would never get beyond my resume. I would have to be honest. Can you imagine a perspective employer hearing that my knee buckles so I can go down at any time and when I do I roll over on my ankle and that stays swollen for at least 1 year. At the same time I twist my back and those 4 bulged disks get worse and worse . now onto the upper body. I can only lift my left arm not even half way in any direction. Can't even hold my car keys in that hand, they're too heavy. Computer work. Yep. If I 'm set up right I have about 5 minutes at a time and need to break for almost an hour each time I use the computer. Any one have any ideas where I should start looking???? I'm sorry for being so negative, I am suffering from lots of anger and frustration right now. Can you hear it?

Hummmm, I retired myself, for not one employer would even think of hiring me.

But as to the question; I find many employers see one hasn't worked for awhile, and they simply put your Application or Resume on the bottom of the stack.

In another thought, I did know people that looked into small employers and companies, that then would hire them. I tried that too though.
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Iknow in retail w do background checks and never did i receive anything about a workmans comp claim, in fact i have hired people that were injured previously and were still doctoring. i do know that if i noticed an example of somene coming to me to hire them after they were off work a long time for less money I would call the other employer to get information. if you caused them a headache they would giv your whole life history. is this right - hell no but what do big businsses care . it is illegal but they get away with it - tuff part is tryig to prove it. i will not use my last employer and if i really have to i will lie about why i was off work. look what is being done to us -i feel it is survival of the fitest. i have not been able to look for work yet but i check monsteer.com everyday and i am dreading the day i have to apply for work again at my age. i worked so hard to get where i was and now i feel i will never hold that position again. (sorry my e and n key sticks)
wish you a lot of luck
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From an HR standards...reference checks are just a formality because the only infomation that you can ask for or receive formally is date of hire, date that they left, and if you would rehire or not. As a Director if any former employer stated that they would not rehire..that was a red flag to discard the application. Our applications did ask if they had ever filed a worksmans compensation file in the past. And I am not sure that that is actually legal or if there are laws to prevent an employer from asking.
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I guess that I am one of the lucky ones. Although I do have a permanent disability to my dominant hand, and restrictions that I must follow for the rest of my life, I have had 2 job since I received my settlement and quit working for the employer where I was injured.

Both jobs have been in call centers and require/d a lot of typing, but nothing that was continual and would break my restrictions. I have made both employers aware of my work comp injury, BUT only after I received an offer of employment. It's called a catch 22. If they offer the job, and it is with-in your restrictions, and you accept and then tell them that you have a work comp injury, they can't fire you for it.

I know that employers are getting smart about asking if you can do the job (with accomodations if needed), and some even ask on the application if you have had an injury on the job. I don't know how legit that is. But, from what I have heard, there is no way that you can stop them from asking.

Of course, when I filled out apps, I would put in that I had quit my job at the employer where I worked and would say explanation upon interview. Made a lot of employers curious, so I would at least make it to the interview part of the hiring process. Once they got to meet me in person, it was pretty much a given that I would get the job.

Angel ^j^
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Hello everyone,
Thank you all for your replies- I have found it frustrating and degrading as well. Cap-totally there with you now-just having the support from here helps though-thanks again
I am getting close to being put at MMI. I think my surgeon said by Nov. 1st. I know I can't sit more than 10 minutes without having to move around with all of my back pain and burning going on throughout my body. I am still scheduled for an evaluation at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for their Chronic Pain Program. My attorney told me last week that the next step after MMI will most likely be vocational rehab. If they are willing to spend the money that I have to go through the process even if I can never be able to find a job. I am on SSD since March, 06 with a review in 7 years due. I know work comp doesn't care anything about being on SSD. Did everyone still have to go on interviews? Do you tell them how much pain you are in? Do you show them the doctors restrictions or do you put anything on your job applications that says anything about your restrictions or pain? I have never gone through this before but I can't imangine trying to sit or stand at a job again. The meds I am on alone keep me from driving and functioning much.

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