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Need help before I lose everything.
Hello, I am a 45 yo male living in Virginia and have been unable to work for over 3 months now because of illness but still employed. My employer says I signed a form saying I did not want workers comp over 17 years ago and have never seen anything about it since. I never have taken a vacation or been sick so it really never came up. The saved up vacation hours are all gone, employer canceled my insurance, and have not let me go because I am guessing so they dont have to pay unemployment. My illness is diabetes. Never knew I had it until I was sick. Sorry if im babbling but needed to know if there is anything or way I can get help. My employer seems just fine with letting me sit at home making no money yet still employed. Thanks in advance.

for you to be eligible for workers compensation insurance benefits you have to have an injury or condition caused by your job.
while diabetes is not usually considered a work comp injury these decisions are left to the physician.
discuss your health problems and it's relationship to your job duties with your doctor.
if they support a work cause then you should file a work comp claim.

in general if you need health care and can't afford it try here
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Why is Diabetes keeping you from working?

Has your Doctor stated you need to be out of work due to diabetes?

And injury needs to be a cause for what is called a work injury, that is unless your treating doctor states that diabetes is something that what caused by your work, you would not have a work comp case.
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I Agree with Bad Boy. It Seems if Your Diabetes is Bad Enough to Keep You from Working, You need to File for SSDI Rather than W/C, unless of Course Your Job Caused Your Condition. Best of Luck!
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