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Recalls on the Stryker knee
I recall we had this very discussion not that long ago, I had you look for recalls, problems. Your surgeon will have the numbers you need, it is part of your medical record. Zimmer implants actually notify patients if there is a recall, directly. Kind of like a car company.

Cement is normal for a total knee. I'd be calling your lawyer, let him know of this complication The insurance company will pay for this. If there is any settlement then stryker will reimburse the insurance company.
Yes we did talk about this, and at that time I could not find any information on recalls of my knee.

Yesterday when I did a search I found the information on recalls on Stryker knee implants.

Just happy I did not have a Stryker hip implant.
Answered your PM, this is a voluntary recall. You should get excellent care out of this, handled considerably different than other problems. I did one surgery (recall), a representative was there from the company to receive the implant. Documentation, representatives, photos taken during surgery, very, very different from a regular surgery. Kind of like the Saturday I helped with the removal of a sponge left in a patient. Tense, shouldn't of happened, etc.
Mine is the type of implant being recalled, fortunatly the numbers on the implant label do not match with the numbers on the recall list.

I hope I am in the clear.

I do not want another knee surgery, I just need to learn to live with my knee.
Your appointment next week will tell. Even if the numbers don't match up if you have premature failure of an implant that is cause for concern. It calls for a total investigation of your implant, then find out if others have failed of this style. Then look into the technique used, placement of implant, cement technique. Unfortunately asking these questions of your surgeon can put you in a bad light but they desperately need to be asked.

Sometimes there is just no reason why the implant fails. But you know it may not be a failure, there may be a need to tweak it. I don't know. Surgical error needs to be examined here which is unfortunate for everyone involved. It means that your surgeon who I respect gets a bad mark and you get a bad knee which probably needs a total revision prematurely.

I came across this paragraph tonight:
'Between December of 1997 and January of 2000, a highly respected orthopedic surgeon at the Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute performed 73 unicondylar knee arthroplasties using the Stryker Osteonics Howmedica Duracon Unicompartmental Implant System. Within 2 years, the implant inserts were severely worn and 51 percent had failed. Subsequent research by the orthopedic surgeon showed that the polyethylene inserts had been sterilized by exposure to gamma radiation in air and then stored for between 4.5 and 6.5 years before being implanted in patients.'

To find article after article that talked about catastrophic failure after 2 years or even 40 to 60% wear of implant in the same time frame is totally unacceptable. These are implants designed to last 5 to 15 years a total revision after just 2 years means another revision after perhaps 10 years. Usually by the time you get to the 3 replacement in a knee the surgeons lock the joint.

This article talks about the Kinemax implant:
Scanning electron microscopy revealed type 2 fusion defects in the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), which indicated incomplete boundary fusion. Other abnormalities consistent with weak UHMWPE particle interface strength were present in both the explanted inserts and in unused inserts from the same period. We consider that these type 2 fusion defects are the cause of the early failure of the Kinemax implants. This may represent a manufacturing defect resulting in a form of programmed polyethylene failure.

I am so sorry my friend, you should not have to go through this at all, especially at such an early date. I wish I could accompany you to your appointment. But I can give you strength and encouragement. You will probably have to hire another attorney here, don't know if your current attorney can handle this one. You will need to ask him, you need to also see anther surgeon to get a total picture as to who or what is to blame here.

Bodybuilder1958, since Bummer had the Knee replacement done, she had the problems. This means only 1 thing, and the recall isn't part of it. There was something wrong since the day of surgery. Meaning it wasn't measured correctly, the alignment is wrong, the tracking of the joint is a problem, or the Poly insert is too tight, or too loose. I can't see Scare Tissue being an Issue right out of the box from surgery, but after time it could be, even I had scare tissue, and had to have my joint manipulated to break it up, and since then I have been just fine, no sweeling.

If recall is on your mind, post the labeling information and I can look futher, but it is said to just call Striker if concerned, I posted the number before.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Hi BBBB, I did some extended research and some of the recalled parts did fail within weeks. But as you stated something probably did happenat the time of surgery. Alignment, shaving of bone, bone shavings left under implant, improper cement placement, bad cement, bad part to start with. I've seen all of those things in surgery. All of these things fall back on the surgeon. One big mess was when a surgeon let the scrub tech mix the cement and then didn't check it. Proportions all wrong, pt got out of bed, implant slipped, oppsie, guess who got the blame.

I also recall one surgery where the entire problem being a small screw (that shouldn't of even been there) left at the bottom of a tibia shaft. It fell in, heck that small of a screw shouldn't of even been in that instrument trial case. But it was, patient had horrible, horrible pain, finally after several ex-rays it was detected. But they left it, they had no choice, patient had to learn to live with it and that's horrible.

I know Bummer has had problems since day 1 and that breaks my heart. But truth known they may find no cause, that happens too. Sad thing is this should of been done months ago.

I agree, and I would have never ever waited this long myself...
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
I saw the surgeon this morning.

Today was the 3rd appointment with the surgeon since being released from the hospital 7/09. My first doctor's appointment with the surgeon was 3 months after the surgery, the 2nd appointment was 1 year after surgery when I was placed at MMI. Both appointments I had to fight the insurance company to return to the doctor. I threatened to take the insurance company to court the last time for non- compliance of a court order.

Today's appointment took returning to court and a judge's order granting today's appointment.

I did get some answers, but still have some questions. I have a series of bilateral x-rays of the knees. The left is the one with the implant. The doctor says the knee looks stable according to the X-ray. I went over my list of questions.

The doctor said I have problems with strength, and scar tissue with the left knee.
I did not mention recalls because I did not want this appointment to go badly.

The doctor also told me I have marked changes of the right knee in the 10 months since he has seen me. He told me today a total knee replacement of this knee is in my future.

I did audio record today's appointment as I do all doctor's appointments due to being hearing impaired. I will listen to it tonight to refresh my memory on the appointment.

My symptom I did not list on the prior post was, the inside of the entire left leg being red, no hair growth, and the swelling of the entire leg.

Bad Boy I will call the number you provided next week.
Bummer I would of shown your entire leg to this doctor and discussed the redness, no hair growth and the swelling. You need to open up to these doctors, I would of mentioned the recall, I would of mentioned your concerns. I would of also of asked what his feelings are about your continued pain and instability in this leg.

I find it rather strange that you've had so little apts with this surgeon after your knee replacement. That's not standard followup care, actually that's pathetic and criminal care in my book.

I don't know when your redness started, or if it's hot to the touch, I'd be thinking DVT or phlebitis, such things should not be ignored. Redness, swelling, loss of hair, those are not standard symptoms

Just my opinions

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