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Spring Fever
My husband and I are suffering from a good case of spring fever! Went to lowe's to pick out some flowers for all the pots, and beds. I didn't get to plant this year, just got to watch. Curt said he's going to build me a planting bench, the kind that holds potting soil underneath the hinged lid so I won't have to bend at all. I can't wait. Does anyone have any experience wth 4 o'clock seeds? Picked some up in Arkansaw last summer. Do they need to be soaked overnight like morning glory's or can I just go ahead and plant them?

Thanks Kit
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Sorry Kit, I don't know, but Jayne and the Other Green Thumbs should be on Soon to Help!! Have a Great Easter Sunday, and lots of Luck on Your Flowers!!Wink
you can soak any seed to help it get started.......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I went to the nursery Thursday and purchased tomatoes & pepper plants.

My daughter purchased seed, she is a agriculture student in her first year of college.
Each student plants a garden as part of their grade.
Kit, you will enjoy your four o'clocks , they come in multi colors and are very easy to grow. The seeds will come up each year. When the plants are about 4 inches high spread to about 12 inches apart and feed with mircle grow every two weeks all summer. the plants will go to seed in the late summer or early fall and little black seeds will fall off the flowers and these will come up next year.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

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