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1171... why?
Well I guess I am finally going to do it. I am going to break my golden rule. I use to always say to my staff, “Once it is said, you can never take it back, so just don’t say it.” You see people forgive a less than desirable remark but will they ever forget it? When you say something negative, you not only tear down the other person, you tear yourself down in the midst of people even more. When I was studying leadership through the Navy and through my Masters program through Widener University in Chester PA, and my master’s degree through Detroit State, the then it continued throughout my PhD program at the University of Phoenix. The one thing that stood solid was that leaders are servants. They are servants to those that leaders lead. Leadership is responsibility. It is more than a powerful position or anything that most people appear to think. When a child is born, a new parent walks in to the most important role they will ever have in their life, and as such, a person who claims to have information and that promotes them toward a person of influence on others such as yourself, has a responsibility. You see it is easy to be a boss or a manger, but to be a leader means you care and you are concerned about the “whole” person not just the person who punches the clock from 7-3 etc.
I don’t believe that I am a self righteous person but I do believe I have earned in my life the right to understand and recognize leadership, powerful knowledge, or just plain bully behavior. I will mail you copies of my transcripts of my fitness reports and early promotes and if you like, my list of ribbons and why I recieved them from the United States Navy, or if you like I will send you the department of health reports of my homes before I arrived and then after I arrived. I have a reputation and a name as a cleaner of long term care in NJ, and that was accomplished through influencing my staff to stand with me and to help me. Without them I am nothing. You, 1171, on the other hand, are just plain mean and rarely very helpful to the “whole” person.
So why am I saying this. I am saying all of this not to pump me up but to say that unless you understand how the remarks damage and hurt people you are no good to anyone. I am not part of a girl gang, but I am proud to say that I am part of this forum of caring loving people who are so full of love for each other, that someone like you (here goes the breaking of my golden rule) dip so low to scare and injure the very reason there is a forum like this has no place on our forum. I can’t tell you to leave, and I would not dare to presume that I could, but I can tell you from my heart, that you are lower than the garbage that my husband takes to the curb every Wednesday. You have been mean since I first came here, and twice now, I was going to leave and not return because I could not stand your cruelty towards others. You must truly be a very sad individual to be so mean.
I have sat on boards with all kinds of individuals and I have seen some rather less than desirable tactics to make others look bad hoping to gain some recognition for themselves, but I have never seen anyone be so low as too kick people who are in pain, have lost most of their hope except what they can give back to others or who are basically stressed with just the everyday attempt to live. Who are you? Did God give you a license to be mean, or are you the one who created so much harm for Job? Did your mother raise you to open mouth and insert foot without any concern or care about the people around you? Where you ever in a War? Most likely not, how sad to live that way? You are a coward and a coward of the worst kind. You don’t even deserve to have your name on the same page as a Still in Limbo or a Wink or Jayne, or Admin.
Please remove you negative remarks and please do not make them anymore. Yes you may make one against me, do it? So what? It has no impact on me at all. I will continue to play my games, paint my prizes, and sent them out at my cost to the people who are the reason there is a forum in the first place. I will continue to be a part of this family and you will not. Understand however, as always life is about choices. You have chosen to be who you are. I can’t imagine that you have one mirror in your home, because it would break when it looks upon your black heart.

Ok…I have said it, and I won’t take it back. Admin, I apologize for being childish. If this wasn’t so obvious that 1171 treats people poorly, then I would never act this way. I have never even raised my voice in my life time. I rarely feel anger, but I feel it now. 1171 is just mean and rarely does he or she ever really help anyone. I would love to do more research and help people, but I found that I would rather not have any contact with the forum bully 1171… so I found my own way to help. I think you know what I mean.

1171...I am asking you, please show that you do have honor, and stand tall as a man or a women, and do what is truly right ... do not continue to hurt the good people on this forum. As always, Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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1171... why? - red1030 - 02-21-2008, 03:25 AM

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