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PPD Rating Questions
I ruptured my EPL tendon in my right thumb (dominant hand) which required surgery. The doctor performed an EIP to EPL tendon transfer which required him to three incisions. One larger one (3") at the wrist to locate the ends of the ruptured EPL tendon, one smaller one (1") on the back of the hand at the knuckle of the index finger so he could cut the extra extensor tendon (IEP) that goes to the index finger and the third incision (1") just above the wrist so he could tunnel under the skin and pull the end of the IEP tendon down and reroute it to connect it to what was left of my EPL tendon of my thumb.

I received a letter from my WC Resolution Manager saying that they would most likely rate my hand to at least 5% which in Wisconsin would rate 20 weeks of PPD payments. The resolution Manager stated that payments legally had to begin while they were waiting for the doctor's final rating.

I received the first six payments right on schedule, then they stopped. I e-mailed the RM to see if something had changed and she stated that the doctor came back with a rating of only 2% and just for the thumb, not the hand.

I am very surprised that the doctor isn't considering the entire hand. The entire back of my hand is still numb and the doctor says that may never return. The strength in my hand is slightly above 50% of what it was before the operation and he cut one of the tendons to my index finger which is now gone forever.

Does this rating seem right, especially the part about just limiting the rating to the thumb even though the hand was affected by the surgery? What recourse is available to me to try to get the rating changed?

Thanks to anyone who will share their thoughts.

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