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Job threatening to terminate employment
I am in Phoenix Arizona. I broke my hip at work about 7 and a half months ago. I have been on workers comp. I have a couple job-related questions.

My doctor released me a few months ago for light duty work. My work has consistently told me they have no light duty work for me. A week ago my HR lady called me and said that if, after my next doctor appointment, the doctor does not release me to full duty, they will terminate my employment.

1. is this legal for them to do this?

2. What if my doctor releases me to full duty but with restrictions? Can my employer reject my restrictions and still terminate my employment because they are not satisfied with my restrictions?

3. If my doctor does release me to full duty, OR, if he does not and my employer terminates me, will I get one more workers comp. check? What would be the next course of action if I am, in fact, terminated? I have been looking for work that is less physical than my current position, but have not found anything yet. Would I be able to get unemployment benefits if I am fired (don't really want to go on unemployment...I'm sure it will be even less than the workers comp. I am receiving)?

4. Would this be a good time for me to retain a lawyer? Or is this just a normal event in the course of a workers comp. case?

Thanks for all the help you can give me.

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