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IME report/Workers comp/employer
New here, and never thought I would be in a situation like this. Told by my doctors in Feb 2015 I have carpal tunnel, possibly both hands. EMG confirmed it. More severe in right, due to being right handed, and forced to work a job I got pushed into. My job of 11 years was taken away, I am in my 50's...and they hired a new employee who is 27. New CEO making a lot of changes..... that another story.... so my doctors said due to the constant data entry i was forced to do, and pushed by the new supervisor to be more efficient like the 28 year olds, I started to have horrible pain, numbnes, and tingling in my right hand. I also did the purchasing job, lifting heavy stock, and dealing with courier bins many times a day, which were also sometimes heavy, probably why it is in both hands after 12 1/2 years of working. I only did the heavy data entry for about a year when i experienced the severe pain. One of my doctors said I could work but only be on the computer for 2 hours a day. Well that didn't fly with my employer seeing how my job was 8 hours. But I did not do data entry 8 hours usually between 5-6 hours. So, my other doctor at the same practice sat with me, trying to help me keep my job, said work for 6 hours on computer, resting every hour for 10 minutes. He also had to tell my employer that my efficiency would be decreased 40-50% and my condition was indefinite. He suggested physical therapy for starters, and possibly surgery if worse. Per the EMG doctor he said he didn't think surgery was necessary at this point, all 3 doctors said that I needed to change jobs as the data entry is what caused the carpal tunnel. My employer gave me a month off from work, made me take my vacation and sick time, and after the month and them knowing I had an attorney and had filed for workers comp because they would not let me return to work, terminated me saying they couldn't work with my restrictions. I also asked them for another position that i knew was available (keep in mind im a good employee who has worked there over 12 years) but they said i had to be on a computer 8 hours a day. NOT true, no one truly is on the computer all 8 hours. This was a credit union, and I asked to work at a branch where it was multi tasking, not in card services doing financial reports (copy/paste function) They denied me, however offered me 3 months severance pay...which my attorney said do not take because that meant I could not go after them for the wrong they were doing.... so i didnt....now onto the workers comp.... they made me go to the IME out of town with the doctor they choose.... he said my condition was work related, and he didn't think i needed surgery right away, he said the real test would be when i did return to work to see how it was. I told him I am in pain for 3 hours on the computer... I am looking for another line of work, want to go back to health care, which my attorney said workers comp can give me vocah rehab for. The job I used to do was medical assistant, and it isn't on the computer all day. I have been looking for work every day, have had a few interviews and I try not to speak of the carpal tunnel at all. Being over 50, alone is hard to find work-I do not look it, everyone says I look about 42, bless them....
My original job I hired in for was Admin Assistant/Purchasing agent in sept 2002... I did the same job for all the years up until a year and half ago. So, IME says yes to comp, however he is saying I can return to full time work, with no restrictions. Totally againist what my doctor who knows me has said. So the work comp nurse calls and says that I need to go to my dr again and see what their plan of treatment is.... I am currently still doing the physical therapy, wrist splints, Motrin, heat....the nurse also tells me the IME doctor said I do not need treatment on my left hand..... so she has to go with what he says...my doctor said i need treatment for both, per the EMG report/doctor. The nurse tells me to not go to physical therapy any more, go to my doctor and see what else they say, and she is going to send a nurse to go with me to my appointment. I have already spoken to my attorney and he said they can't tell me to not go to therapy when my doctor who's care I am under said to go. He said he will fight for this, and that to wait until he has the IME report before making an appointment, so that he can send a form for my doctor to fill out in response to the IME report. Workers comp is paying the back pay from Feb (when I was told by my employer I could no longer work) until May 31..... so I do not know if they are going to hold up paying any more benefits or what.... my attorney was very busy today trying to catch up from being in court a few days, so hopefully we will know more on Mon or so. The check was sent to him a week ago, and he has not received it, even though he told them to send to me, instead...... Like I said I never expected to go through anything like this...... I have also went to the EEOC about my employer, and of course they are denying any wrong doing....I took some of my retirement just to live these past couple of months, and I was eligible for unemployment as I could work, with restrictions...which when I receive the workers comp will probably have to pay back..... my attorney called unemployment on that last week, and is waiting for a judge to decide.....

Any advice would be appreciated..... I am trying to not be frustrated...... but it is a frustrating procedure! Thank you for letting me vent.....

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IME report/Workers comp/employer - debikayluo - 06-12-2015, 07:39 PM

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