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New York Injured Workers - Urgent - Please Read
If you have experienced independent medical examinations where any of the following occurred, please contact me, as you may be eligible to be a party to a racketeering and fraud lawsuit in relation to corruption within New York State Workers Compensation:

1. Did an independent medical examiner render a medical opinion/report when they had no training in the specialty of your injury?

2. Did an independent medical examiner render an opinion on injuries they never examined you for, but claimed they did?

3. Did an independent medical examiner render an opinion not in your favor because they did not have copies of critical medical reports which were withheld by the insurance carrier?

4. Did the paperwork submitted by the insurance carrier requesting the independent medical examination use leading language to tell the allegedly independent independent medical examiner what the insurance company wanted their conclusion to be?

5. Did you experience situations where you were denied medications or treatment without medical reports being presented, or by independent medical examiners who never examined you, but only examined medical reports (which were not itemized for your benefit, so key medical reports could be "skipped")?

6. Did the insurance company or New York State Workers Compensation Board allow private health information to be obtained (not related to the injury) by forcing you to sign a HIPAA authorization (probably in court)? By law, NYS WC cannot force you to sign any authorizations. Did the Judge or your attorney tell you this?

7. Was private medical or mental health information given to independent medical examiners or your practitioners in order to prejudice your claim?

8. Were you forced to endure multiple independent medical exams so the insurance company could doctor shop for the right opinion?

9. Were you told you had the right to videotape the independent medical examination, have a third party with you, including a woman if you are a female injured worker?

10. Did you receive copies of the independent medical examination request information from the insurance company, and does it match the paperwork in the Board file?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, I would urge you to call the Board and obtain online access to your Board file (which you are legally entitled to). Find the IME paperwork in your board file and review it against the medical records which prove your case to see if the IME itemizes (as they are required to do), which medical reports were presented to them for the IME. If you can see a pattern of elimination, where key medical documents are conveniently missing, in a manner which affected your access to medical treatment, then you may be able to join me in a class action RICO case (treble damages).

Note: Even if you have an attorney, don't expect the attorney to have reviewed the medical reports or the integrity of the IME request or evaluation. Your rights are violated every day, and the parties who should be protecting you don't.

This is worth a couple hours of your time, particularly if you have been declared less disabled than you are, were disqualified from standard medical treatment, prescriptions, therapy, surgery, etc., or have multiple injuries where the insurance companies could hide their activities behind a barrage of paperwork.

I am determined to stop the corruption in New York State Workers Compensation. Please help me if you can.

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New York Injured Workers - Urgent - Please Read - ChimarenTaylor - 09-08-2014, 09:50 AM

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