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carrier refusing to fill prescription i have had for 4 years

i live in n.y state and broke my back in work.pain clinic ordered a medication for me and since my doctor prescribed it for the past four years.9 months ago the carrier decides they will not fill it saying it was not part of my original claim which it was and always has been my doctor keeps prescribing it but they still refuse.i am permanently totally disabled i contacted my comp lawyers pulos and rossell and i just keep getting excuses for a court date with wc board now i am not getting replies from my phone calls emails etc...today my husband went to pick up my new hydrocodon prescription up and there not filling that now.which has been filled no problem for the last 3 months..i am in so much pain and at my wits end.am out of pain meds now and lawyer is not contacting me either.is there a higher authority i can contact ? by law they cannot stop giving me what i am prescribed.is there anyone else we can contact about wc or the lawyers actions.hope someone can help

vicki 56yr old woman

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carrier refusing to fill prescription i have had for 4 years - vickijperks - 11-01-2013, 03:44 PM

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