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A new member to our family..
I don't know if I shared this before, last fall we got a puppy from my sister for Dominick. It was a male Chihuahua,(buddy) he was handled roughly by my sisters grand kids and he wouldn't let dom be his pal..lol. He is just grouchy, so late winter we got a female Chihuahua puppy (baby)from my mother for Dominick, she took right to him and she was a cuddler and even buddy started to charm up. A few months past and baby was attacked by multiple bee's and died within 10 min.. Dominick was devastated, and took awhile before he realized she wasn't coming back. Well my mother's Chihuahua's had pups again and we been visiting them since they were born, we wanted a female so we can breed with buddy. We got first pick, and took the only female home 2 nights ago. Dominick is in la la land and hasn't left her side ever since. We named her saddie......

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A new member to our family.. - bronco54501 - 09-13-2013, 11:13 AM
RE: A new member to our family.. - jayne - 09-13-2013, 11:19 PM
RE: A new member to our family.. - jayne - 09-30-2017, 04:42 PM

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