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PTD checks late all the time. GA.
Just wondered if I just do not say anything or what. I am on PTD, since I had a injury at work requiring wrist surgery. I will be on it for almost six more years then I will start getting my loss of use. That also puts me in a bind because I was hoping to retire in 5 years and I was told if I did I would not get my loss of use. I know longer make what I use to, so right now I am suppose to get a check of close to 100.00 each week. I never know when I will get my check. As of right now I just sent my fourth check in today. I am currently owed three checks. I never get them weekly the last time I got two at a time. Is it best just to be quite about it or what. I can wait on it but I just wonder if they are trying to get something over on me.

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PTD checks late all the time. GA. - Cathy - 04-14-2013, 07:01 PM

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