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Help please! 20 years old. workmans comp injury to my shoulder
Hello i am 20 years old i have an injury to my shoulder .. the injury happened august 19 my employer would not submit the paper worm and send me to a doctor until september 17 a month later. And lied to the insurance company and falsified documents and had me lie on papers and later when the insurance company sent an investigator i told him the truth. Im not getting into trouble because of my boss no way.. so i was sent to physical therepy and put on light duty and then a week later taken off work for a month because my work was not following my restrictions. I was sent back to work after a month and still on physical therepy and my 10 pound weight restriction. I have to go to therepy 3 times a week and i went for 3 months. Last week the therepy guy took me off therepy because it was not helping im at work and my shoulders getting worse i have had an mri with a little bit of die. They didnt put full amount in. And a cortizone shot that did nothing. and i have no answers im loosing around 200.00 a week because of my injury im in a rediculous amount of pain and its doen in my hand. I have numbness and pain in my hand. It hurts to move my hand i cant even put my arm behing my back it hurts so bad it feels like someones tearing my shoulder apart. It cracks alot ehick causes immidiate pain and throbbing pain after. My neck on my right side also has unbearyable pain. Im extreamly stressed between the pain and my work and not getting answers i cant take much more. I have never broken a bone tore or fractured anything never had stitches this is all new to me... i dont know what to do. Its been almost 5 months. Not only the pain but all the lost money and the cost to drive to and from therepy 3 times a week ect can someone please point me in the right direction and any suggestions are welcome thank you.

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Help please! 20 years old. workmans comp injury to my shoulder - brocco604 - 12-18-2011, 10:58 PM

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