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state, injury - karolynj - 08-23-2009

I am so sorry. The state is North Carolina and the injury is c3-4-5-7-8 and lower back. As I stated in the earlier thread we did have a case worker and nurse and just recently got a lawyer. They did send me back to work but I was not able to perform the job and not allowed to take the medications perscribed while at work so I am now currently wrote out indefinately by a doctor I went to on my own since we have no primary doctor from workers comp. The comp. nurse told me to go to the family doctor and find out what was causing the symptoms I was having so I did. The family doctor sent me to a neurologist who put me out. That is where we are at now. Workers comp. wont acknowledge my doctor I chose.

RE: state, injury - 1171 - 08-24-2009

sounds like they believe the reason for your current condition is not industrial. you can take your evidence to the court or to mediation and get a decision. either side can appeal.

RE: state, injury - chrischris - 08-24-2009

Even if your injury is in "limbo" it is best all around if you choose a doctor within your companies MPN (medical provider network). It just uncomplicates things if your claim goes to litigation. One of the first questions defense alway asks is if your doctor is in the MPN. You can get a list of approved doctors from your employer or claims adjuster/insurance company. Sometimes your I/C will post the MPN online so you may check that out first.