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Heparin Lawsuit - bronco54501 - 03-19-2009

Anybody else have any issues with heparin. When I was hospitalized I was given Heparin because of my DVT'S that i got from being stuck without moving in hospitol bed. Well I had bad reaction to it and actually bleed to death internaly. I was revived and took along time to recover from it. Now I guess what I'm wondering is does anyone know of a good meds attorney. I have spoke to many and seem to be Unsure who to pick, some want 40% and if lose some want reimbursted for misc. expences.

This Nov will be 2 years, I need to get the ball rolling on this before it's to late. So if anyone has any info please let me know either here or pm me.


RE: Heparin Lawsuit - fencer11 - 03-19-2009

Bronco, I also had a reaction to Heparin. For me though it just caused me to constantly run a fever.No-one could figure out why I was having the fevers, so I was sent to a bigger hospital and the only thing they changed was the Heparin and the fevers went away. After some testing they decided I was allergic to Heparin.Most Drs. and nurses look at me like I am green when I tell them I am allergic to it since I have never had any type of allergies at all.Good Luck with your suit.

RE: Heparin Lawsuit - bronco54501 - 03-19-2009

Thanks fencer, They are still finding out that a lot of people may have had the bad heparin and dont even know it. Maybe you should talk with a attorney too........... Just a thought.


PS.......... I did post this on the Injured Workers too.

RE: Heparin Lawsuit - MJC - 03-20-2009

This is for RNVic,
Becareful with this because I know you must be aware that they use Heparin when you go to dialysis. This is to help your blood from clotting your dialyzer. Just please be careful sweetie. God Bless!

I assume you are looking for a private attorney to handle this for you. I wish I could help you with this but I can't. I do see TV commercials for attorneys regarding this issue but of course that would be a class action lawsuit. Not sure what you think of this type of lawsuit. I will share with you that I know someone that joined the class action lawsuit regarding the silicone breast implant lawsuit and they did alright with it. Well, let me say it this way, they were satisfied. They had the attitude that whatever they received in compensation it was money that did not have anyway. Just thought I would mention this to you. God Bless.

Cajun Hugssssssss,

RE: Heparin Lawsuit - bronco54501 - 03-20-2009

Thanks for the reply MJC , I know what your saying 60% is alot bigger then 0%. I did talk to few people yesterday and thinks if I sign up with a private attorney they may end up signing with a class action anyways and cost me more. So confused, I wish there was a way to call them and say hey I'm so and so, & I'll sign a waiver just give me some money. But I Know ---quit dreaming---.

RE: Heparin Lawsuit - fencer11 - 03-20-2009

Bronco, You never know. My wife keeps seeing all of these class action medical things and says someday there will be one for me to sign into. Did'nt Dennis Quaid have a suit against the Heparin people?? If so, I think that was a case of a mismarked dosage or something like that. Good Luck!!

RE: Heparin Lawsuit - Tuffy - 03-20-2009

Dennis Quaid had a lawsuit against Cedars Sinai Medical center because his twins were given a adult dose of Heparin. he won that suit for $75.000.00 and then went after the company that made heparin. for $50,000.00. So You Go Bronco. The lawsuit after Baxter now is because the Heparin given to patients was contaminated.

RE: Heparin Lawsuit - Tuffy - 03-20-2009

There is another class action out now for the people that use Fixodent, Polident for holding dentures in as they could get Zinc poisoning.

RE: Heparin Lawsuit - fencer11 - 03-20-2009

Damn, I still have my own teeth!!!!

RE: Heparin Lawsuit - bronco54501 - 03-20-2009

fencer,, now thats funny. lol.