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car accident - sandman - 01-05-2009

I am required to work in bad weather and I was called into work this morning by my boss and in the process of getting to work this morning I was involved in an automobile accident due to the icy road conditions. I reside in Massachusetts and I am trying to figure out if this is covered due to the fact that I was called to come into work for overtime which is required.
If anyone could assist me in answering this question I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

RE: car accident - fencer11 - 01-05-2009

Sandman, I too am from Mass. I have been studying the Mass laws for a while now and I think that unless you were "on the clock" you would not have a case.It costs nothing to consult a lawyer here in Mass. so give one a call. Good luck

RE: car accident - 1171 - 01-05-2009

This is a caselaw defined situation and could be an exception to the normal "going and coming" exclusion. you can file and see what happens.
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RE: car accident - stiffnecked - 01-05-2009

If you were called in and your hours of work started at the time of the call then I think you would be covered. That's a different situation then normal day to day commuting.

RE: car accident - Heims9 - 02-20-2018

Even I think one should consult a good lawyer in this case and other similar scenario. Most of them offer free initial consultation. Even my uncle who works in office of a DUI lawyer tell me that they too offer free initial guidance.

RE: car accident - 1171 - 02-20-2018

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