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Back in Hospital - RNvic - 09-21-2008

Back for the third time this month. Had a blood vessle in my neck blow out and from shoulder to waist swelling. Have my left side packed in ice, and IV's running in other side. Doctors are afraid to give me any thing for pain as some of the kidney function has returned and don't want to do any more damage.

Cap- asked the doctors about contrast dye used in CT and it is very hard on the kidneys, He told me that it would completely shut mine down, also said not to have any MRI with contast dye as it would do the same thing, so please ask you doctor before and MRI/ CT with contast is ordered.

RE: Back in Hospital - sweet tooth - 09-21-2008

gal you take care ,we are praying for you ,keep us informed ,love ya

RE: Back in Hospital - hurt at work - 09-21-2008

vic sorry to hear this i hope ur better soon and you take care.hurt

RE: Back in Hospital - Tuffy - 09-21-2008

Before I leave for Wisc, I just wanted to say, What The Heck!!!!!! Do you own stock in the hospital? So sorry to hear you are having bad times, Take care and get over this soon. I will be thinking of you. Remember we have a plan to get together, even if no date yet , and I am looking forward to seeing you again........ Tuffy

RE: Back in Hospital - RNvic - 09-21-2008

Thank you all for the prayers.

No Tuffy, I wish I had stock in the hospital, but this is one place I don't like to be. Every time I think we are moving ahead one step things go back two. Labs looked good on Thursday and I was hopeful things were going to turn around and then thursday night the problems started, with bleeding around the cath and then cath cloting off in dialysis not once but twice. Then this mess, the swelling continues to grow, looks like I have a foot ball in the side of my neck and feels like a basketball in my back. But I know with all of your prayers things will turn around again.

RE: Back in Hospital - backache - 09-21-2008

Prayers are coming your way Hun.

RE: Back in Hospital - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 09-21-2008

Saying Prayers here also.

RE: Back in Hospital - red1030 - 09-21-2008

Tinkerbell.... my prayers are with you ... I dislike hospitals also, so I know you are not resting well there. Just know my thoughts and heart are with you today... love Red

RE: Back in Hospital - Bummer Knees - 09-21-2008


I believe my sister had something like this happen. She was in Nebraska at the transplant center when it happened.

I can think of better things to do on a weekend, sending prayers.

Bummer Knees

RE: Back in Hospital - MJC - 09-21-2008

My Lord, I was praying for you and seriously thinking about you last night. I was going to make a post to you today and there you are with one of your own. Wow, my friend, you are really having a rough go of all this. I am praying for things to get better for you. It was good to hear some of your kidney function has returned. Let's pray you can keep on that path to recovery.

I have been out of touch with everyone again as my mother fell ill again and I have been staying with her at her home when she came out the hospital and I have no computer at her house.

I pray that everyone is doing well and Vic, special prayers going up for you. Keep us posted as you are able. My love to all!

Cajun Hugsssssssss,