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Oregon W/C experiences/settlements - jacvern - 11-17-2007

I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has had to deal with Oregon's WC Carrier? In other states they have more than one. In Oregon it is a monopoly. After two years I decided last month to seek a settlement. My attorney said to NEVER give up your medical with W/C even if and when you get SSD because Medicare will not pay for any future aggrivations of said injuries which you have already been compensated for. I am only seeking settlement for my limitations and inability to work as my Employer refuses to take me back as I cannot pass their physical test any longer due to injury at their employ.
I hope to get enough to purchase my own Insurance and make up for the years that I could have worked had this not happened. As I mentioned before.....depression has become a real issue but I haven't asked for treatment from my treating physician as yet. I wasn't sure what to do until I read some of these posts. Now I will ask my Orthopedic Doctor to refer me so I can hopefully deal with the depression. Can anyone help me or give me advice regarding their experiences with Oregon's W/C settlements. Thank you, I would really appreciate your help.

RE: Oregon W/C experiences/settlements - nwpapa - 10-09-2009

I am going to throught he same thing right now, I am justing getting the ball rolling. As I learn things I will happily fill you in. Will you do the same please?