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National Wage Theft Education Scholarship - OwedUnpaidWages - 02-26-2018

It’s estimated that approximately $50 billion in wages are stolen annually from US workers nationwide. Wage theft is such a pervasive problem that Americans actually lost more from stolen wages than the combined value of stolen goods from all of the burglaries, robberies, auto thefts, and larcenies. The Wage Authority Group was formed to help educate hard working American employees on wage and overtime laws and defend their rights to fair pay.

We are confident the next generation of lawyers not only cares about wage theft, but has ideas to help prevent it. The Wage Authority Group is pleased to announce that we will be offering $2,500 to three (3) winners of our national writing/video education competition. We want to hear how motivated and passionate law students would go about educating public on the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

To participate in the 2018 education competition, applicants must be currently enrolled at an accredited law school in the United States.

Additional information and application for the scholarship is available at"

RE: National Wage Theft Education Scholarship - christopherhardy - 03-14-2018

You are certainly correct to be careful about who you deliver your private information to. Obviously, you must by no means give monetary data (like bank account numbers) or social security numbers to anybody.

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