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CVS limit opioid prescriptions to 7 days - California_Help - 09-24-2017

Curious if work comp patients have experienced this at CVS. Having to go every 7 days to CVS and stand in line to get pain medication is not going to be fun for those who have cancer pain and chronic pain.  I understand there us a problem out there with opioid use, but  is this the way to deal with it?

 In the article it states they are limiting this for certain conditions. Do patients now need to tell their CVS check out person what conditions they have when picking up a prescription? It also states they are not providing extended/ time release opioids and filling them with those that are immediate release. They state this will make them less addictive.

RE: CVS limit opioid prescriptions to 7 days - dusty boy - 09-24-2017

Only for new patients, not in pain management

Maryland has gone 1 step farther, No opiods after 1 month UNLESS in a pain management program

RE: CVS limit opioid prescriptions to 7 days - jayne - 09-30-2017

I am in pain management and can still get a 30 day supply but don't try and fill it early

RE: CVS limit opioid prescriptions to 7 days - Cashiered Too - 03-17-2018

I'm not happy with CVS at the moment, but not opioid related. I moved my 90 day prescriptions for heart and cholesterol late last year per my family doc's recommendations. Was using Walgreens per employer group insurance previously. CVS lowballed me on the first cycle and jumped substantially on the second cycle, well above what I was paying at Walgreens. Since everything is fully 'out of pocket' for the time being it makes a huge difference. I will be checking back with Walgreens to see it their prices have changed before the next cycle.



Had a bottle left over from a 2011 car accident and were prescribed again after personal surgery in 2015 and worker's comp surgery in 2017. I finally realized they did little beyond turning me into a zombie, made me constipated and did very little for my pain. Threw remainder away and began turning down offers to renew refills late last year. Family member recommended marijuana - I tried it with the same results. Orthopedist recommended another prescription that I'm failing to remember at the moment (edit: Meloxicam?) - no drowsiness but did nothing for the pain. It only hurts when I move - when I'm still or lying down I'm fine. I'm resigned to the 'pain' for the time being, maybe for the remainder of my days.

RE: CVS limit opioid prescriptions to 7 days - johnwick12 - 04-10-2018

us my dream place

RE: CVS limit opioid prescriptions to 7 days - kevinsteve - 06-03-2018

I am already pissed at CVS. There was a medicine I found online on their website and it said that it's available in store. When I went there, it was not!