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CA WC removing spinal cord stims from MTUS - California_Help - 09-08-2017

California work comp:

So first they make injured workers only see doctors within their MPN, and then place multiple layers for their MPN physicians to have to go through to get treatment authorized by UR and now IMR system.

They then also took away QME/AME decision power over treatment disputes and injured workers only get paper reviews (UR/IMR), no in person exams for disputes.

They also placed strict caps for alternative treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic etc at 24 for lifetime, if your doctor is lucky enough to get his request approved through UR or IMR.

They are now working on changing current guidelines for medications to stricter guidelines for pain medications. I have seen patients who have been already being cut off, sometimes without weaning and with no other alternatives for pain control and no phych support.

They have just announced they are removing spinal cord stimulators from MTUS. I am not a fan of ALL of these devices after finding some have serious issues, but not all of these devices are bad AND they do help control pain for many. Instead of removing these devices from MTUS guidelines, I suggest they only approve the devices that have been on the market for while, proven safe and effective by reviewing number of maude events on the FDA website. I hope physicians will use other treatment guidelines when submitting requests.

So my question is...what does that leave as far as treatment for chronic injuries, SURGERY?