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Workers Comp Case Virginia Need Advice - jamesjones11 - 08-19-2017

I was injured while lifting a printer at work and slipping over debri that another department had just left behind while moving bookcases. I've gone through numerous tests, physical thearpy, injections and finally with a discogram they figured out what disc it is. My Neurosurgeon is scheduling surgery for next week and the surgery has been approved however the nurse case manager is being a nightmare. Shes been a problem since the beginning, constantly going against what the doctors have said, and that this wasn't required, I shouldn't be doing this etc. The doctor has taken me out of work to do preop work and to have the surgery. Hes written the form for 90 days of recovery as he states he wants to make sure it heals to stability. Today she called and I explained that paperwork is on the way to her from their office and she explained she knew about the surgery and had gotten the notes. She asked if I had informed my employer and I said I had and that I had the document stating I was being taken out of work for 90 days of recovery. She got rather rude and said "90 Days no that's not right" "You can work from home within just a few weeks afterwards" "90 days is too much" "I'll definately need to see that document" Also my doctor said I will be in the hospital for likely 3 days. She said I'd be out by 2 days and three days wasn't needed. I'm considering seeking legal respresntation due to the problems with her. There have been multiple other instances of this sort of thing happening with her. The case has been transferred from two claims adjusters and this nurse case manager. Shes a Nurse Case Manager not a doctor so is this their normal game to try and go against doctors orders? What do you suggest I do at this point?

RE: Workers Comp Case Virginia Need Advice - 1171 - 08-19-2017

You can't stop her from being involved with the claim.
You can refuse to deal with her directly. You don't have to talk to her or allow her to be present during you doctor visits.
Disability and treatment is still up to the doctor; all she can do is try to persuade them just like you Do. In the end it's not you or the nurse that decides these issues.
If you believe the doctor is not making medical decisions in your best interest, you can request a change.
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You can get specific help from the commission