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Database Error = Lost posts - admin - 01-30-2015

We experienced a database migration error on Friday afternoon that resulted int he closing of this board for a few hours. All data has been restored, with the exception of any post made between approximately 12:30Pm and 2:00PM Friday. Those have been lost, and you will need to re post your questions. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

RE: Database Error = Lost posts - 1171 - 02-03-2015

i'm noticing the site is a tad slower to load since the restoration.
my other sites are unchanged so I don't think it's on my end.
just an observation

RE: Database Error = Lost posts - admin - 02-03-2015

Interesting. We haven't seen that here, but we will watch for it. The underlying database that drives the system was moved to a different server. The old data server was in Minnesota, and the new one is in Las Vegas. It is a vastly more powerful machine, but network conditions may affect speed at times.