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Workers' comp checks - Maylene20 - 10-20-2014

My lawyer requested my checks to be suspended because I found a new job, the insurance company received all the paper work but they keep sending me checks. I haven't cashed them. Has this ever happened to any of you guys before ? I'm starting to think they are doing this on purpose to see if I cash them lol

RE: Workers' comp checks - jayne - 10-20-2014

take /mail it to your lawyer.Dont cash them yet...They may be your "settlement" some states will pay out your settlement if you have agreed on a rating...they may also be 80% of the difference between your old job and your new one....They could be so many things...good luck

RE: Workers' comp checks - 1171 - 10-21-2014

just return the checks with a note giving the date you returned to work.