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Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers - admin - 12-06-2013

We are pleased to be partnering with Kids' Chance of America, an organization formed by professionals on both sides of workers' comp to provide educational assistance to children of people injured or killed on the job. It is a great organization, and in an adversarial world such as workers' comp, one of the few areas where all sides come together and agree on an important cause.

I encourage you to click on the banner ad above to visit their website and learn what they are all about. Their interest in us is our access to injured workers - they have a shortage of applicants in some areas, and want to get the word out about their program.

The state organizations that work with the national group have already awarded $5,000,000 in scholarships to kids in need.

Help us spread the word, and please pursue this for your own children if needed.


RE: Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers - California_Help - 03-29-2014

This is a great resource and I will spread the word.

RE: Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers - Bummer Knees - 03-30-2014

My daughter started college two years after I was injured on the job.
Keeping her in school was a challenge as I went thru the struggles of work comp.

She has completed 4 1/2 years of college December 2013 and graduated from K-State University with a bachelor degree in Animal Science Management.

My daughter did qualify for a scholarship thru Vocational Rehabilitation due to her disability, although my husband and I paid for her rent and other bills while she attended college there is no way we could have done so with the scholarship assistance.

Thank you Adim for this program assisting injured workers and their families.

RE: Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers - jayne - 07-29-2015

they don't have a Oklahoma office is there another way to get in? My Carrie starts collage next year and Daniel the year after. Both are honor roll so that's gonna help and Carrie being half black will have more grant options than Daniel. But someone told me there we grants out there for being adopted also. We will spend the next year searching out every option. I do not want them to have thousands of dollars of debt the day they finish collage.

RE: Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers - Scooter123 - 07-29-2015

Email the Kids Chance office and they will let you know where/if there is a state office near you.
The applications for Kids Chance is open approximately two months before your child starts college. So if you have one starting next year, I would start a list now of where he/she can apply when the time comes.
Also look on line at

It takes a LONG time to weed through them all but its worth it.
My son was just awarded his second scholarship through Kids Chance. They go by semesters, not yearly, when they do theirs.
Good luck. Its never too early to start.

RE: Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers - jayne - 07-30-2015

Thanks Scooter!

RE: Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers - 1171 - 01-09-2016


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