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Me vs **no names please**-workcomp checks stopped again. - lonestar_61530 - 09-10-2012

I been dealing with a work comp case (with you guessed it **no names please**) since April 05. I've had 5 surgeries and countless hours of therapy and 2 FCEs. On more than one occasion they have stopped sending me my TTD and now I'm receiving TPD. Well over the course of almost a year they have stopped paying again and then sent me a check for the weeks and in some cases months that they had missed. Their reasons for missing payments...they switched lawyers on their side each time...your thinkn well the new one needs to get caught up. well no, cuz they keep jumping back to the same lawyers. here I am 6 weeks out and havn't been payed. Not to mention I am finally nearing the end of this God awful exp. My question here is..Can they really keep pulling this? Are they really allowed to keep delaying my checks? Is this not a punishable act? We all have bills to pay and becuase of them I am literally months behind on my house, water, and ect. This to me is no joke. People keep saying thats to be expected from an ins company and **no names please** but to be honest. how is it an acceptable act?

RE: Me vs **no names please**t-workcomp checks stopped again. - 1171 - 09-10-2012

yes for as long as yo are getting disability checks.
yes it is illegal if there is not a defensible reason.
it is not acceptable by the comp system but some companies do it more frequently then others and then it becomes expected.

RE: Me vs **no names please**-workcomp checks stopped again. - lonestar_61530 - 09-10-2012

I don't understand why it is allowable. if the company is known for doing it, you would think that someone would be putting a vice to them. but it continues to keep happening. And like i mentioned I'm nearing the end of this finally. They have talked settlement but to be honest im more worried bout finding work. I am working now but its part times and only 2/3 of what i should be making hourly. I was told that if I couldnt find a job that met my FCE requirments, that vocational training may be provided. and to be honest im not sure what all that entails. Someone told me its a program to be trained in a trade. Heating, cooling, welding, ect. I sure as heck dont wanna do any of those sorts of things. My goal was to be a police officer after a few years of Loss Prevention there at **no names please**. My knee is done for, I have accepted that. It will at some time maybe even in the near future need to be replaced, I have accepted that too..but what I cant accept is the idea that my job options are so limited. has there ever been a case where actual college is an option outside the vocational training mentioned? or is that something worked into a settlement?

RE: Me vs **no names please**-workcomp checks stopped again. - 1171 - 09-10-2012

it is allowed because people are not perfect robots.
it is allowed because some people give wrong addresses.
it is allowed because some people have their mail stolen.
it is allowed because sometimes airplanes fly into office buildings and the mail doesn't get picked up that day.
there are many defensible explanations that could apply.

what is the reason for the delay?
without knowing why, they can't be blamed or penalized.

if the carrier does not have an acceptable reason for the delay, it is illegal and there is likely a penalty.

college training would only be used if it got you a job faster then you could without one.

they are not the same.
vocational rehabilitation is a benefit.
a settlement is not a benefit-it's a payment instead of benefits.

RE: Me vs **no names please**-workcomp checks stopped again. - CheriLovesJesus7 - 01-26-2014

No names please" What do the lawyers have to do with you receiving your check? The insurer in my case has a department which takes the information from the claim's adjuster and I don't see any reason for an attorney to have been involved. You my friend have been getting the run around. Sounds to me like they have accounting issues, such as mishandling of funds. Perhaps they told you little white lies when they could make payroll. I read a lot and while I don't know exactly where to look, a WC attorney should know and so should the powers that over see the insurer. I did see something to the tune of $1000 per day fines for the insurer for transgressions. Start out at the top with your information. By law they have to pay and on time......