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Ct. state employee - usetobeswift - 08-30-2012

What makes state employees different from company owned emplyees?

RE: Ct. state employee - 1171 - 08-30-2012

(08-30-2012, 02:20 PM)usetobeswift Wrote: What makes state employees different from company owned emplyees?

slavery is forbidden by Federal law. report any ownership of employees to the FBI.Tongue

In general public employers often provide extra coverage/benefits to certain employees. Police, fire, and other public safety officers often are given a lower standard of compensibility to meet for certain injuries or conditions.
some States are large enough that they may not be required to carry work comp insurance but are allowed to provide comp benefits directly.
there could be other special laws concerning pensions for work caused disability or special death benefits for those killed in the line of duty.
generally whatever the state legislature wants to make different they can pass legislation for.

You would have to consult your states work comp laws to see what special provisions may apply to Connecticut state employees: