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TTD checks. - Ruki - 07-29-2011

After having an operation 4 years ago I was having physical therapy for many weeks.During that time I was getting weekly TTD check Let`s say $ 500.00. 4 years later , right now I have to have another operation to correct the previous mistakes.Now I work part time for another employer for much less money. Will I get the same $ 500.00 or less.Is the amount of TTD check based on my current working status?
Additional information
What if I am jobless in this time?Last TTD check I got 3 years ago.
After having surgery, having extensive physical therapy, during that time I was getting
weekly TTD checks. Reached MMI. The checks stopped. A few months later I received
a small reward" settlement" = 80 weeks for broken hand.It was PPD check.PPD means
partial permanent disability. That reward covered 80 weeks of my life. How about the rest of my working weeks, till my retairement age.Is IC off the hook for good? With my restrictions
I suffer a great reduction in my earnings. Do I have any rights to get a settlement regarding
this issue? My lawyer is not much helpfull. Can I get any answer? Thanks. MD.

RE: TTD checks. - 1171 - 07-29-2011

there might be a time limit on how long after an injury you can collect TTD.
if you have not exceeded the time limit then they will likely use the same TTD rate as the original injury.

RE: TTD checks. - kate - 07-29-2011

You still have not provided your state. You might get more specific answers if you do. Every state is different.

RE: TTD checks. - Sr.CE - 07-30-2011

Would be much easier to know your stateā€¦in general, every state has I&A officer that would be able to explain it to you/or aterney.