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Workman comp checks - janiebeans - 05-27-2011

So my husband was injured and was receiveing checks but now he isn't. Is there someone to call besides my laywer who isn't doing a thing about it. We got an award. When we tell the laywer and he calls the adjustor all they say is its in the mail. Well its been 3 weeks and obviously its not in the mail. Going into financial ruin because of this, and we need help.

thank you

RE: Workman comp checks - 1171 - 05-27-2011

depends on the award and the type of payments.
your husband can send a complaint letter to the claims manager.
your husband can change attys at any time.

RE: Workman comp checks - Manley2 - 05-27-2011

Nothing in the WC system works very fast in your favor. Work was paying everything for me under WC and then when the medical was costing too much they decided to say my injury was not work related. Then they decided to say they had no work for me under my restriction and put me off work. Took a little over 2 years to get my WC checks started again.
They don't care if you can pay your bills, what they hope is to make you want to settle for anything they want to pay you. Hold on a fight for your rights. And as 1171 said you can change laywers anytime.