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Recalls on the Stryker knee - Bummer Knees - 04-21-2010

I had a total knee replacement in 2008.

My knee was in very bad shape before the surgery, as I was homebound much of the time due to the unstability & pain with this knee

Today my knee is much improved, I can walk without the knee collasping.

Although I still have some problems with this knee, range of motion, sharp pain, numbness, and lots of swelling, the swelling of this knee is so great that sometimes I have to wear capris.

And Sometime the knee just dosn't move right, when walking, the nurse calls it problems with tracking.

I've discussed this with my primary doctor, (osteopath) and he has suggested I finout if there are recalls on this knee.

I pulled the surgical report and got the implant number and type of implant use and did some checking.

And there are recalls for the type of implant I have. I do not know if the ID number of my knee is involved in the recall.

I return to the surgeon Friday and will visit with him about the problems I am having.

I need to do this without making the surgeon upset.

Any suggestions?

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - jayne - 04-21-2010

can you go to the stryker website and check? thats all I know maybe BBBB will know

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - chrischris - 04-21-2010

I would check with the manufacturer, and ask what advise they may have for you. I would think they would be fully liable for the replacement.

My knees are the only really good parts on me anymore. I hope to leave them as donor parts some day. Tongue

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - Bummer Knees - 04-21-2010

Thanks Jayne & Chris

My doctor is an excellent surgeon with a big attituide.

He is one to take offense if a patient is having problems with a knee he operated on.

With having problems with this knee I have to communicate it in the right way.

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 04-22-2010

If you have all the Numbers, make, and model, and number of the Poly insert, you can easily just call Striker, and they will send you the proper information. Just because there use to be a Recall on this model, doesn't mean the corrected parts are or are not in you. You need striker to tell you this.

Going to the surgeon saying there is or was a Recall on such replacement, isn't an answer. You need Striker to tell you it is a Recalled Knee Replacement or not. Most recalls where for the metal flaking off. That would not cause all your problems, as you have had them since the parts were put in. The metal flaking to time to happen. Maybe the Poly is to tight for you? Who knows.

Striker also has a Record of all their Parts, and do send notices to those when a Recall is issued. Each Patient will know the information right from Striker.

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 04-22-2010

In 2007, the FDA sent warning letters to Stryker to fix failures in following procedures for testing problematic components and documenting risk. These primarily were knee replacement components (Duracon and Scorpio), hip replacement systems and Reconstruction & Trauma Cable System. In its later warning, the FDA reprimanded Stryker for its inability to implement adequate corrective and preventive measures in order to prevent recurrence of non-conforming products.

In January 2008, Stryker Corporation issued a voluntary recall of its ceramic Trident Acetabular PSL Cups and Trident Hemispherical Cups. The PSL variant is the most commonly used Stryker cup in the US. The hip-knee implant recall involved prosthetic products which were manufactured at Stryker's Ireland facility. The Stryker recall raised serious questions about the kind of quality controls employed by the company.

Only 8 units got on the Market....

All questions regarding the recall should be directed to Stryker Orthopaedics at 1-201-972-2100

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 04-22-2010

My opinion on the knee replacement and problems you have. It all goes back to how it was done with the surgeon. Was everything properly measured, was the correct Poly insert used? On and on. Every person I know with a knee replacement, except 1 has had no problems after 1 year of good healing. All that followed proper PT, and all that took their medications as told to do. The 1 I said has problems, is a major Scare tissue issue, and I mean a massive scare tissue issue. Can't bend knee much at all. But atleast they know the reason to why they are having a problem.

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - Bummer Knees - 04-22-2010

Thank you for the information Bad Boy.

I also battled scar tissue for many months but feel it is no longer an issue.

Sometimes my knee just won't bend, it as if I have an elastic band around it from below to above the knee.

Yes, I have pain and limited range of motion but it is much improved from where it was shorthly after the surgery.

I have a large amount of swelling in this knee and it increases the more I am on my feet. This very much restricts what I am able to wear.

I fell in December when the other knee gave out, most the time I can catch myself before I fall. Since the fall the pain in the knee has increased.

Could the knee pain (replacement knee) be due to the altered gait?
My gait has gotten worse lately due to the other knee & back.

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 04-22-2010

I would think the alter Gait would bring on lower back pain. As when my other knee does act up, my lower back will also, do to the changes I make. It is my opinion, something wasn't right with the knee replacement since it was done. It's my opinion, your not getting the answers you need from this surgeon, meaning you need a different surgeon for a second opinion in this matter. What is it I see in the future, a revision to properly set you knee up correctly. It's my opinion you need to do this, before you get the other one done. I'm sure glad you didn't have both done at the same time, gosh where would you be then.

I gave you the number for Striker, did you call them and ask about a possible recall yet?

RE: Recalls on the Stryker knee - Bummer Knees - 04-22-2010

I will call them Bad Boy.

I have to dig the medical records out with my surgery information.

If the implant is not part of the recall then what could be the problem?

last time I read the medical file I learned cement was used with the replacement.
I remember you asking me about that in a earlier post.

There is no way the insurance company will pay for a second opinion.
They didn't want me to return to the doctor for the first post-op appointment.

I would have to pay for the appointment myself and likely have to go out of the area for a 2nd opinion. My surgeon is very well known.