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Full Version: Vocational Rehab
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I see; your comment was more of an "off hand" speculation then a personal experience or based on a legal opinion.
I am 54 and am not at mmi just yet....was once, but put back on tpd. BUT, like you my surgeon did recommend me for future training, mostly because I was a trained nurse in England. When I was at mmi that time I was denied vocational training because my rating was 11% and they took an average of my earnings and they felt I could earn as much or more just going out there and getting any job.....even working at McDonalds!!!! I will probably hit mmi again soon since there is nothing the doctors can do for me.....but this time I will be on permanent disability. Personally, I would be glad just to work rather than be stuck at home staring out the windows for amusment.

I hope you get help with this. Can you take any settlement monies and put it towards re training yourself? Did you have someone talk to you about future jobs etc? I did, it didn't help a whole lot since w/c was not going to go with it.......but at least you could get an idea of what jobs are out there and how you could go about getting them.

If you go to your local unemployment office, you might be able to get some type of re-training for free.
My friend, who is 53 years old, just started this program through them as she is over 50 and unemployed more than a year now. They pay her tuition and books, nothing else, but it is something, too as she will be a nurse and it is a four year school.


I was approved for re-training two years ago even though I was 53 at that that time and I think because I had college education. The problem was, money was too little ($4000.00) to learn anything and now, two years later, I am denied, although the money is $12,000.00 now. I think they were willing to risk $4000.00 but not $12,000.
Hard to prove it is age related and also hard to understand, why are they spending thousands of dollars on new vocational counselors(they spent over $5000.00 during this 2 1/2 instead of sending me to some kind of school.

ime,ratings,mmi,etc,etc.pls exp all.been on w/c 4 6 mths so am still a little bit green abt this all.
IME=independant medical exam
MMI=maxium medical improvement
rating=your degree of disabilty
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