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Full Version: Cashing out money from school?
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I can cash out my settlement if I don't use the money that worker comp pay for my school. My settlement was for them to pay for my school but now I feel that I can no longer work. I haven't difficulty typing this message as we speak. My questions is can I cash out the money that was intended for putting me to attend school to have a new career which is about 6,000 according to my lawyer. And if I can how would I do that? any suggestion would be deeply appreciated. thank you I live in CA
I dont and ask your lawyer
while there is no specific law prohibiting it there is little incentive or reason for a carrier to be willing to do it.
I was just told by our lawyer this exact answer, NO! It is considered a voucher and you either use it for schooling or you lose it. No cash value. We asked too.
Since your not working, why not just go to school anyways and learn something. Your not doing anything anyways. Seems like it will simply give you something to do then. Kinda like a new hobby is all.
Yeah I agree..... Even though I am one of the lucky ones that returned to work, I hated every minuite sitting home when I couldnt.... Hobbies are needed even if you dont work, and as long as someone is flipping the bill, I say go for it....

But a look from the other side, if you are having trouble typing this and you feel you cant work no more, then really whats the use of waidting your time if your mind is made up..........Hope for the best...
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