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Full Version: new at this please help
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Fall wipes out low back and causes reduced kidney function.
This is a result from a fall. Does any of the following heal its self or just quit hurting? After 3 months I still can NOT sit, stand, or walk for very long at all, I have been off work 3 months, Is there something I can do on my own to help the healing?
reduced Kidney function, Glom Filt Rate, Est >60 mL/min 60 – 128
subacute displaced sacrococcygeal fracture
Mild discontinuity with mild anterior displacement of the distal sacrum relative to the proximal sacrum located app. segment 5 hyperintense on T2, hypointense on T1, and enhances without a definitive enhancing mass. Lower lumbar spinal degenerative change is noted.
L 5/S1: Mild bilateral facet arthropathy
L 4/5: Mild disc height and signal loss is seen with a posterior annular tear noted and a mild broad-based disc bulge with mild to moderate bilateral facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy causing mild bilateral lateral recess stenosis as well as mild right greater than left forminal stenosis.
L 3/4: Mild lateral disc bulging is seen with mild foraminal stenosis. Mild bilateral facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy are also present.
L 2/3: Moderate disc height and signal loss is noted with a small to moderate broad-based disc bulge and mild to moderate bilateral facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy causing mild bilateral lateral recess stenosis as well as mild left and mild right forminal stenosis.
L 1/2: Small Schmori’s node is noted in the superior endplate of L 2.
hello and welcome to start what state are you in was work comp laws are different in every state.did this happen at work?i have lumbar fusion S-1-L-4,my L-3 is in very bad shape and i still have pain to this day and its been 2 years.i take it you cant take meds for the pain?after three months and ur back still hurts and is giving you trouble then its time the drs step up the game and look in to fixing the issue.have they done a disco gramm yet?this will pinpoint the discs causing you pain.but i must warn you this test hurts they fill the disc with fluid and a dye,they do this to inflicked pain thats how they find the problem,you are awake the hole time because you have to tell them the pain level each time they shoot more fluid in.this will help they figure out where to go far as ur kidney function i dont know.but have they sent you to see a specialist for this?if not i would be asking why they havent.hope this helps alittle any other questions you have just ask we will all try to help.
O geeze really did a number on yourself, I'm very sorry you are having to endure such pain. How far did you fall to receive such injuries?
i have no idea about what you can do to help yourself (I'm not a back injury person) but to follow your doctor's orders,stay within his restrictions, take your meds faithfully, and eat healthy, healing foods. There are many back injury people on here who can give you ideas about pain care/mngmnt and procedures of pain care, that will be along soon to answer you.
Prayers are going up for you to heal. You have already found the best site available for info and come back often, and unload your woes! LillyBig Grin
i thought of something that might help some.ask for a t.e.n.s. is a small device that sends electric shocks that tells your brain to pump more endorfins in to the body to help with doent hurt and i use mine daily for painmanagment.its helps the muscles to.
Lilly and Hurt at work
Thank you for responding. I just slipped and sprained my ankle then hit my head on the corner of the wall, have no memory past the ankle pain until I tried to roll off my hip onto my back. It happened at work no one saw how I hit on the floor as they were concerned and focused on my head which is what was witnessed. Thank goodness my head is as fine as it ever was or I hope so anyway. Arkansas is the state and I don't know anything about the laws here and am not sure I'm at a point where I need to be concerned????? The workers comp nurse suggested I go to my personal Dr. to have my calcium checked because I am Gastric Bypass person. That is why the blood work was done that found the kidney trouble. My Dr. thinks it will clear itself up with time. The back specialist said it very well could have been caused by the fall. My old lab work of 2 years ago was fine. By the way my calcium was great.
I too feel I am both too old for this and too young for this. Maybe I want to much, I am a widow (no pension, no insurance) I need to be working this percentage I am receiving is falling very short, I want to drive my car, ride my motorcycle, pick up my grandkids and I am a first responder and firefighter on a volunteer fire department none of which I want to give up.
Pain meds are my friends as is the tens unit when it works but I do not want to stay on them pain killers leave a person with bathroom issues.
WOW! I think I just blow off some steam.
thats good we all need to do that now and then.glad we could help feel free to do it again.wish i could of helped you more with the pain issue.i dont like taking pills.good day.
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