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Full Version: Pretrial Hearing
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Has anyone here had or heard of a pretrial hearing? I live in Indiana. The doctor that did my surgery put me at MMI in Feb 07. I dissagreed so the WCB sent me for an IME he said I wasn't at MMI that I needed further medical attention so the IC sent me back to the doctor that orignally did my surgery he said again I was at MMI so I never received any more treatment. So now my attorney has scheduled a pretrial hearing. I called 2 weeks ago to find out what it is but have not heard back from my attorney. Has anyone had one and what is the purpose and outcome? I would appreciate any information. I would like to get this settled so I can get medical attention. I have really bad pressure on my cervical spine. By the end of the day I can't hardly stand it. Pain ends up in my shoulder. The pressures like my neck is broken.
To prepare for trial: identify which agreed on and which items are in dispute. generally is the last chance to settle an issue without risking a trial. be prepared to compromise and negotiate a settlement.
Pre-Trial Hearings are Usually used to try and come to an Agreement before the Actual Hearing. Both Sides usually try and Iron out the Problem before it goes into the Hearings Process. Whether they will come to an Agreement or not is basically based on whether both sides feel they have a strong Case. If neither Side feels it beneficial not to go to Court, the Pre-Trial may not bear any Fruit. On the other Hand, if an Agreement can be Hashed Out, You May not have to go to the Hearing. Best of Luck, and I Hope this has Helped!Wink
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