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Full Version: WC Checks never come as scheduled...
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Hello! Does WC have to send your checks on a scheduled time frame?Have been getting comp from Liberty Mutual in Mass since 2/15. There seems to be NO rhymn or reason to how they send the checks! First they screwed up and were paying every 14 days instead of every 7. They "corrected" that last week and I am now supposed to be getting a check every 7, which means they should've cut it on Wednesday and it should have gotten here yesterday, based on time frame for postage of others. When I didn't receive it yesterday, I called my adjuster and left a concerned voice mail as I am having Easter Dinner at my house and REALLY need $. (Not like I don't already need $, since they are paying me crap based on god knows what!) She never returned my call and she was "in the office until 5pm" so nice of her. Hoped to get the check today, NOPE! it had better come on Monday, but was hoping to have some insight for when I her call at 9am Monday morning. Will check the Mass info as well. Thanks for any help. Happy Easter/Passover/Weekend! Maura in CT
they can let u hang for up to 2wks. from when u should get your check but after that period they can be fined,but that takes for ever and they know that. electronic deposit its an option they will not tell u about even if they say they do not have that option,they do,there job is to starve u.
I hae just been going through the same thing, except that I have a lawyer to be the in between person for me. It started 2 months ago, for me, after 3 years of getting everything on time (for the most part) all of the sudden, my checks stopped comming. I usually get them on Fri. and so for the past 4 checks, that were not there on Fri., my lawyer would call and they would say it was kicked out of the system and they would manually send it that day. Finally, last week when i called my lawyer for the 4th missed paycheck, she got furious and said that regardless of the reason, they need to set a date and give it to us. They can change the date, but it has to be the same ea. payday. She said that if it ever got to the 14th day of being late, they will be fined and I will get the extra money. However, she said that they know that and they probably won't ever go over that 14 days, but may go to the 13th day. She called and I don't know what she said to the i/c, but they said that they have changed to pay date (they just weren't bothering to tell us untill we fussed about it), an they are now mailing it on Mondays and I should have it by Wed. or Thurs at the latest. The i/c said that if I don't get it every other Thu. to call her and let her know. So, we will see this comming week.

I hope your situation gets settled soon.
welcome to the wonderful world of WC you get your check when they are ready.......
MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE ENVELOPES THE CHECKS COME IN. My back pay was held for more than 30 days and they received a penalty. Of course the actual check was dated to make it look as if it were sent in 29 days but they didn't mail it out for another week and the envelope proved this.......This was not a regular check but the money they had held from me in the past.
Thanks to all for info... Called today, said it was "cut" on the 19th, whatever that means. Should've been here by now!! Am definitely going to look into Direct Deposit, but I bet that won't be an option, even though I can't get to the bank on my own! Take Care! Maura
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