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Full Version: What can I expect with Cauda Equina Syndrome
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I posted this on the "expert" board, but then it was suggested that I post it here. So, I apologize if you have read this twice.

What can I expect with chronic cauda equina?

I fell at work and fractured my spine in 2 areas and herniated a disc. After lotsf of conservitive therapies, I had a L4-5 fusion. That fusion failed and while waited 9 mo. for approval to go back in and replace the small supportive screws, L3-4 ruptured. I then had a 2nd fusion for L3-5 and it failed. It left me with permanent nerve damage, sciatica and SI problems. Since I could not get P/T after my last surgery, the area supporting the SI joint has become so loose that I now have chronic SI dysfunction that will cause life long problems and pain. Finally, just recently I have been Dx. with Cauda Equina Syndrome...I have a numb butt and back of my legs, I have to self-cath., have chronic constipation, have muscle weakness in my right leg and drop foot in my left foot. My Orthosurgeon and my Neurologist both said that the best I can hope for is Pain management and a slow progressive disorder that can lead to complete loss of bowels and bladder and possible loss of use of my feet/legs (worse case sinario).

Any in sight on my future, both from a physical stand point as well as from a W/C stand point. I am curious how it works with long term/ permanent disabilities. I am told they will always have to pay for my injury related problems. Is this correct? Also, my Orthosuergeon sent me to my Pain Management Dr. and said that this is the best thing for me, and since there is nothing more he can do for me, he will be filling out his MMI paperwork, after he sees me 1 more time. But if there is nothing more he can do, but there is more that the PM can do, should he be doing an MMI..or should that be left for the PM Dr. to do? Finally, if they are saying that my condition is progressive and I will never get better...should they even do an MMI? My PM Dr. is thinking about inserting an electrical stimulator inside of me and if that doesn't work, he is talking about hooking me up with an internal pain pump. (I have been on Oxycontin, Neurontin, Flexeril, and Pecocet for over a year with good results, but in the past several months, the meds only last until 2 PM and I can't take my next Oxycontin until 9PM and the percocets no longer work.)

Thanks for listening and any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Dear Jesus you have had it rough......I have no words of wisdom for you...we have several nurses on this forum and they will be along soon in the mean time go to off topics and join in on some fun.....
Thanks Jayne for your kind words. I think I will pop on to the off topics board.

I did want to add, in case anyone was wondering, I am from VA. I know that different states handle things differently.

Thanks again!
I pray for you! Everyone thinks they have it bad, UNTIL they read or see someone else who's problems surmount theirs!
Prayers for you. LillySmile
Hello ifoster21 and welcome to the forum. I am always so happy to welcome new people to the forum, but so sad of the reasons. I am really sad to hear of your situation. I am a RN, but i am not familiar at all with what you are talking about, so I did a search and found a decent and readable site for you. The sites sums up that your signs are classic for the disease you have been diagnosed with, and the course your doctors said it MAY take. Here is this site

Please join us on the "off topic" area where we laugh, tell jokes, play games and just get to know each other very well. We would welcome you to join us. Also, if you do not have a lawyer who handles workmans compensation, now it he time to get one. you must not wait. they are not fair with their customers. Good luck to you and i hope to see you on the off topic section...Red
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