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Full Version: Denial of Treatment
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Workmans comp has been shuffling me around treament since my injury.. I started off going to chiropractor and was doing really well, WC made me go for 2nd opininion... From that WC told me i had to go to orthopedist. I did return to work light duty and started having muscle spasms so chiropractor took me out of work.. WC counted that as time at chiropractor and said i should have been better when i really had to start over when pulled out of work. I then went to orthopedist who sent me to physical therapy and for an SJI, which i had allergic reaction to face broke out in blisters and got worse with therapy.. Doctor then sent me back to chiropractor in March..Workmans comp sent doctor a letter asking how i was improving with chiropractic care and supposedly doctor responded back saying i wasnt improving that was going to send me for another treament plan... which i couldnt understand because i didnt have my return visit yet.. Upon my next appt april 27th the doctor said HE NEVER STOPPED MY TREATMENT and said he wanted me back in chiropractic care ... He sent for approval and WC denied it... I returned to doctor and he said he wanted to try another treatment... This was May 18th... and WC sent me to ANOTHER second opinion and i am still waiting for approval of this treament... I am back to work light duty and i would have been back full duty if i wasnt pulled out the first time from chiropractor, for thats what is helping me... I have talked to an attorney and didnt really act like they could help.. I really want to fight for the care that helps me so i can work FULL duty.... And at my 2nd opinion im sure it was obvious that i wasnt doing well... still have pain and favor left side and my range of motion was not good... But since it was WC doctor, what if he goes against my doctors next treament plan? Is there a time when i can fight for what is right? i am back to work but still need treatment to continue my job , for its a very physical one!!! HELP
each state has it's own rules about workers comp and medical treatment.
without knowing your state there is little specific information that can be provided.
you can always litigate your work comp issues with your states comp court.
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