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Ok my state is PA? I've had three back surgeries, two fusions and one for a spinal cord stimulator. I am left with chronic pain and a drop left foot. I am followed by a pain mgmgt doctor. He states that I can not return to work. I go to my IME and the IME doctor ( who i saw for half hour) has released me back to work. I got a notice of ability to return to work from comp. How can they do that? My own doctor has not released me and has written a letter to them recently stating that I can not manage any substantial gainful employment.
Can they just take this Docs letter and run with it. He states i am able to sit for 5-6 hour, pull' push and twist often( I can do none of these) and walk for 3 hours. WTF? I cant do any of that. I cant even really drive because i take so much pain meds.
My question is: can they just release me back to work on the word of an IME doc? My lawyer said not to worry about it , but i am worried sick and have been crying all night.
I tried to return to work (sedentary job) about 4-5 months ago, and i barely lasted two weeks. I ended up in so much pain,8 was vomiting al day and told by my own employer that I should not be there.

Anyone have an opinion on this?

My lawyer says that the IME Docs are whores and not to worry,it doesn't matter.


I see this posted frequently on the forum.

I can understand your worrying, an action like this by the IME doctor impacts you case & your health.

I've had this happened but my employer would not work me as they knew the true picture of my injury.

Let's see what 1171 has to say about this.
Bummer - I'm not sure that my employer will work me because it turned out so bad 5 months ago. It was THEM that told me I could not so this and to go home and call my doc. I was literally, throwing up in the toilet, calling in sick all the time, leaving early due to pain, wobbling down the halls cause I was on so much pain meds. I'm so sure they will want that again,
nursedina you have that on your side, you have tried to return to work and it failed.

My employer refused to work me and my TTD continued, but I was not at MMI at the time.

Listen to your attorney, I like him!
the legal system is adversarial.
it allows any doctors opinion as medical evidence.
it does not pre-judge the quality of the opinion.
your doctor is just as suspect as theirs; their doctor has just as much opportunity to be correct as yours.
with disputing opinions the only way to decide is have a hearing or settle.
until there is a hearing they are treated equally.
1171 so a doctor that i only so for 20 minutes has as much say if i go back to work as my own treating doctor? that doesn;t make much sense. I guess im confused. I have been seeing my pain mgmt doctor for 1 1/2 years. he knows all about me, he is a workmans comp pain mgmt doctor and even he says I can not go back to work. He's THEIR doctor. I chose him because I did not know at th etime he was one of their doctors and he is a decent doctor.
The other doctor saw me for 20 minutes, got about 30 % of my history and physical wrong, stated things I never said such as " th eonly reason she didn't make it through her work trial period last time was because she was on Fentanyl patch and was vomiting"..Im allergic to fentanyl patch. I have never taken it. Where did he get that from ?

This is what I mean. I sent my lawyer a copy of his report with all the correction made such as where my pain is and what meds I take etc...this doc got a lot wrong. Basics too.

So if the hospital calls me up to go back to work, my own doctor has no say in it? I have to go back???
My own doc says no, theirs says yes, if they call me to go back to work, what do i do?
AS a matter of fact, my pain mgmt doctor was their first choce to do my IME until they found out that he was my treating doctor

Timothy Belt

The short answer is that yes the IC and even the judge can take this doctor's opinion and run with it. However, as your attorney has pointed out in rather colorful terms, these doctor's are know commodities in the WC system, and if you are believable, and your doctor is believable, it is unlikely that the judge will rule against you. Trust your attorney. I'm sure he has a handle on things.
Im sure he does. Its a scary process though. Last time I went back to work , it was my deicision to try to and it was hell. I mean real hell. The pain was unbearable, I was sick, i was shaking, it was a nightmare. I am so scared of that happening again. I already take a lot of meds, but they had to jack me up so much just to be able to sit, that I couldn't even read the computer i was so out of it,
thanks for the replies. I guess I feel worse knowing that my own doc, who is a WC doc said no to work, anf this guy can change things and they can essentially send me back to work, but I trust my attorney, and if that happens, hopefully something can be done to prevent it. I'm just so scared, i cant stop crying. i cant sleep so worried about this. thanks for your replies.
I am in the same situation, I was placed at mmi for my hip and pelvis last nov.. I was off work due to my back since june 2010 and was still getting treatment til last week. Wc sent my medical records to one of thier drs and he has said I can return to work and wrote new restrictions.. Everything has been cancled, no treatment, no meds, no ttd because thier drs oppinion against my 3 drs that still has me out of work. They did this 2 days before another injection and next month was a 2 level fusion.. Wc said my employer has agreed to let me return and has been almost a week and employer still has not contacted me..... I was injured in nov 2007, and feb 2008 a signed on with lawyer and he has been guiding me through this without being on the record. But he has now taken over and I trust him..

Its all about the mighty $$$$$$$ with wc, they could give 2 hoots how you are or what your drs say... If all treatments stop and ttd and even if you get to court in 6 months the ins has saved a ton of money by just the intrest alone............

I hope the best for you and keep us updated.
Bronco - Im sorry for all that you have been going thru. Thats awful. I know i'm not alone here with all of this. im glad your lawyer is working on this with you...keep me updated on your as well. im interested in how it works out.... ill be thinking about you and sending you good vibes ~~~~~~

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