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Full Version: Anterior cervical discectomy fusion C5-6
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That is what the neurosurgeon recommended in the way of surgery.

He said the incident with the work comp doctor July 29th did not cause the problem but did aggregate the condition.

I requested physical therapy first and if that doesn’t work revisit the issue of surgery.

The surgeon did warn that physical therapist could make things worse and I may only be able to tolerate a few sessions of therapy.

The doctor said the displaced nerve root is something that needs addressed.

Has anyone had this surgery?
yes Bummer I did I had c 5-6 and c 6-7- a total failed sugery less than a year later c4-5 went scar tissue is a major problem...I got less than 3 days of pain free days and that was because I was full of is worse now than before...however the topamax is helping alot....but you must be willing to give up any and all sodas and some sweet favorite red diamond tea is out how ever I can make tea at home with stevia and drink it.....foods that contain alot of sugar is out....cakes pies ice cream ect taste like clothes are in as the ol waist line is shrinking....if it would just come off my hinney I would be in heaven.....weigh all your options before you choose...will he be using donor bone or harvesting bone from your hip?....Gods blessing on what ever you choose
I have much to learn about this surgery.

Another surgery I do not want, The surgeon says I might be able to delay the surgery but the need for surgery is there.

Jayne I worry about scar tissue as I've had problems with this with every surgery I've had.
Before you decide on donor or using your own bone I'd have a bone scan done. You don't want to be taking bone from your own hip if your bones are weak. Just my opinion.

The neurosurgeon mentioned a cage and screws?

Also said something about removing the disc and a replacement disc.
It's an expandable cage, quite common.

It's for stability
Bummer that surgrey is where my name on here came from. I was injured in 2001 and had a c5-c6 ACDF in Jan 2003. Fusion with hardware. Never helped me and wished i had not had it done. Then in 2009 the hardware was displaced and a screw was loose so had to go back in and have it all redone. Then there they found the the disc above and the disc below was weakened and now needed removed, so now i have a ACDF of c4-c5-c6-c7 with hardware and 8 screws are holding my neck together now. Bot times i used bones from the bone bank. i don't think i could of handled haveing my him cut on at the same time they had my throat open. I still have issues today with it all and doing accupuncture tryin to get some relief. I am on disability now and will have issue all my life with it now. Good luck in your decison, hope PT helps u. think really hard about this surgrey as most people to not recover like they should from this surgrey. I wish u luck with your desicion,
BK, hello

When the disc is removed (or a majority of it ). Something must be put in its place. They can either use cages (that are hollow ) or hollowed out screws. In my case, I have two cages. Those cages are filled with bone marrow. At that point, the spine is unstable. ( the disc is gone ). Only the cages or scews are between the vertebre. So, they will put some type of plates on the vertebre and put screws in the plates and drill the screws into the vertebre. It is the plates and screws that hold the vertebre together.

After 6 months or a year. If all goes well, the bone marrow will fuse to the vertebre. It is the bone marrow that completes the fusion. Once the bone marrow has done its job. If there are problems with the screws or plates latter in life. They can remove them.

The only time I have heard of that happening is if a screw becomes loose or pops out of place. That is very rare.

People often talk about failed fusion surgery. I can only speak for myself. My surgeries ( fusion included ) allowed me to walk again. I do still have nerve damage that effects mobility, but I can walk.

Only you can decide what needs to be done and I think we have spoken about what can happen if a nerve is compressed for an extended period of time. If not let me know.

Take Care
AQA and CF thank you for taking the time to post.

I've been to 2 surgeon's and the primary doctor (osteopath) with the 3 saying surgery is needed. The ortho I saw wants me to try injections then surgery.

I agree CF this is a surgery I will carefully think about before having, I just don't know if I have any other options.

Is there any type of treatment other then surgery that will take the pressurre off a nerve?
The injections may work for you. As you know, everyone reacts differently to meds. and the same goes for the injections. Hopefully they will work. Hopefully they will do it soon.

Take Care
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