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Home | News | Teen Writers Of Hot TV Pilot "Workers' Comp" Land Another Hollywood Heavyweight

Teen Writers Of Hot TV Pilot "Workers' Comp" Land Another Hollywood Heavyweight

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BRADENTON, Fla., April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Teenage writing wunderkinds, Castille Landon and Harrison Sanborn have struck Hollywood Gold once again with the addition of another established Hollywood star to their growing cast of veteran actors on the highly anticipated TV comedy pilot, "Workers' Comp." Soprano's David Proval is joining an already stellar cast and crew that includes glamazon Morgan Fairchild, Robert Carradine, Mad Men's sound pro Peter Bentley, Aaron Spelling's script supervisor Sandra Cole, Murder She Wrote's editor Stan Cole, "Taking Woodstock's" associate producer, David Sauers, and "I Am Number Four", "Up in the Air", and "Ali's" production supervisor Elayne Schneiderman, just to name a few. Rounding out this incredible cast is Charley Koontz (of NBC's Community), J. LaRose (of Saw III & Saw IV), Jennifer Lee Wiggins and the show's 19-year-old creator, writer and co-star Castille Landon.

The addition of Proval extends the extraordinary string of success and incredible buzz surrounding this teen writing team's freshman project. "Workers' Comp", a true independent television pilot produced by local production company VADAR Corp, chronicles the ridiculous accidents, wacky claims and crazy employees of a family-owned insurance company in a small Florida town. Appropriately enough, production is scheduled to start later this month in the small town of Bradenton, FL.

The cast will be taking a break from their busy shooting schedule to attend a press conference in Bradenton at 10:30 AM on Saturday, April 16th thrown to introduce the cast and crew, as well as the dynamic writing team of Landon and Harrison Sanborn -- 19-year-old Sanborn is also the show's director. The Executive Production team for "Workers' Comp" will also be attending the Press Conference.

"The response to the script has been nothing short of mind-blowing," states Landon. "To have such established actors and proven professionals respond to an indie production of this size and scope is both humbling and incredibly inspiring." Prior to this (the first official press release), "Workers' Comp" has already garnered national and international attention from media outlets such as USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood, the LA Times (who also named Morgan Fairchild as one of the 10 stars they most want to see on TV this fall), Tampa Tribune, NY Daily News and an incredible list of insurance and entertainment industry news outlets.

This press conference will be the first and only opportunity to hear more from Landon and Sanborn, as well as Proval, Fairchild, Carradine and the rest of the cast and crew prior to the completion of the show's pilot. Space is limited, so please RSVP.


Workers' Comp is a half-hour comedy about a small workers compensation insurance company whose employees are as bizarre and insane as the absurd, often fraudulent, on-the-job injury claims the carrier faces. The show centers on five main characters working at the family-owned Pinnacle Workers' Compensation Insurance Company. Inspired by real-life incidents, the show offers viewers an unusual vantage point, giving them insight into the who's-scamming-who? dynamic between insurance companies and claimants. Zoe Arendes is the twenty-year-old daughter of wacky company owner, Joan. Though Joan has several other endeavors, which consume her time, she refuses to validate Zoe by handing over the reins of the company. Kevin Andrews, the firm's defense attorney, has no regard for Zoe's insistence on professionalism in the workplace. Lonny, who joined the staff after suffering his own on-the-job injury, is an inappropriate oaf. Rounding out the primary staff is Lynn, a manipulative adjuster who manages to convince claimants of her devotion to them, only to catch them at their most vulnerable point and drive them to settle their claim for as little as possible, regardless of their personal circumstances. As we follow this controversial team through hilarious story lines, we see the complicated dealings of a small business and the individuals who make it all work.



Location: Bradenton, FL
Date: Saturday, April 16th starting at 10:30am EDT

Schedule and Confirmed Press Conference Attendees:
Morgan Fairchild (Falcon Crest, North and South, Chuck, Friends, etc.)
Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds, Lizzie McGuire, etc.)
David Proval (Mean Streets, The Sopranos, Smokin' Aces, etc)
Charley Koontz (Community, Gigantic, etc)
J LaRose (Saw II, Saw III, etc)
Jennifer Lee Wiggins (House, Life, etc.)
Castille Landon (writer/co-creator)
Harrison Sanborn (writer/co-creator)
David Sauers (Producer: Workers' Comp; Assoc. Prod. Taking Woodstock)
Mark Wooster (Producer: Workers' Comp; fmr Sr. VP NBC/Universal)
Elayne Schneiderman (Producer: Workers' Comp; Prod. Super: I Am Number Four, Ali, The Birdcage)
Peter Bentley (Producer: Workers' Comp; Sound Exec Mad Men, Big Love, Carnivale)

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04/13/2011 13:50:38
Can't wait to watch this! I am in the work comp field so I know you can't make this stuff up!
Anthony D. Prince 04/13/2011 18:17:59
I am an attorney for the biggest Teamsters local in Chicago, Local 705. We have approximately 15,000 members, about half of which work for UPS (United Parcel Service).

I have no problem with the idea of this comedy show, but I am concerned that despite the best intentions of its creators, it will inevitably contribute to the employer-supported mythology that surrounds the area of Workers Compensation. That mythology--essentially, the idea that many,if not most, comp claims are fraudulent--was exploded several years ago by "Frontline". The vast majority of comp claims are absolutely legitimate. In our industry, we see employers every day intimidating and deterring injured workers from filing Workers Compensation claims, bullying them into the disability system where they are often reduced to poverty, saddled with permanent, total disabilities, unable to pay for treatment, therapy or surgeries that might restore some semblance of a normal physical existence.

So, I'm concerned and will be watching closely.

Anthony Prince
Legal Counsel
Teamsters Local 705
Chicago, IL.

(Former Safety and Health Chairman for United Steelworkers Local 65 at the US Steel South (Chicago) Works, where we had 5,000 serious lost-time injuries every year. The Illinois Workers Compensation Act was passed in 1911, 100 years ago, as direct result of the 46 deaths in a single year (1907) that occurred in that facility.)
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Anonymous 05/11/2011 11:25:19
Well Anthony, I am a workers comp claims adjuster and yes while most claims are legitimate, I think you are absolutely wrong the there is an employer-supported mythology. The workers comp system is highly employee oriented including the workers comp judges and attorney's. On any complicated claim, the workers comp judge is going to side with the injured worker and not the employer. Its the employers that are getting the shaft in workers comp...not the employees.
Dr. Kenneth Martin 08/13/2011 13:00:21
To the anonymous adjustor: It's obvious you are not in California. The rules here greatly favor the insurance carrier and the injured workers are getting the shaft when it comes to legitimate treatment. The work comp judges are overworked and often just side with the employer/carrier to get things off their calendar, citing errors in reports as a reason to deny care. Not fair at all.
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anonymous 03/11/2014 10:21:18
Looking forward to this show. Remember it is a show and meant for entertainment purposes. Not a forum for teamsters in the infamous Cook County (known for it's claimant friendly decisions and high volume of law suits). Also Dr. Martin, California is probably the most well known for being claimant friendly. What other state can you ask for marijuana therapy? Wait Colorado maybe. It is just a show meant to make light in a very gloomy area where sometimes there are no winners. I am excited and hope the show does well.
Joe Blow 12/13/2016 22:12:25
Great! Comments from an Attorney in Chicago and a Dr. in Cali. Two of the most crooked professions there is. I agree most WC claims are legitimate and then an attorney gets involved and the claims costs escalate quickly driving everyone costs up. Doctors milk the system more than anyone and some of the treatment plans are down right comical. This show will have endless material if they have talked to anyone in the industry.
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