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This is Your IAIABC. This is Your IAIABC on Drugs. Or Not.

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In an article published last week in Risk & Insurance, Mark Walls commended the regulators at the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) for their bold leadership in the development of model opioid rules that they could recommend to their members, helping to curb the burgeoning prescription drug abuse problem our country faces.

In fact, Walls said, “To their credit, the regulators have stepped up to the plate” on this issue. Well, they may have stepped up to the plate, but they have completely struck out.

I have heard from a reliable little birdie that the IAIABC Executive Committee last week completely abandoned the effort, scrapping a year’s worth of work on one of that organizations premier issues for 2013. Apparently the committee has decided that this is not an area they should be attempting to influence regulatory agencies on.

Personally, I am stunned. We are killing people every day with our overuse and abuse of prescription opioid medications. Some statistics say that every hour someone dies from a prescription drug overdose. If regulators should ever have sway or influence over an issue, this one is it, baby.


I like the IAIABC, and the people that make it tick. They truly care. The people who run that organization do big things with a relatively small staff and limited resources. That is what makes this all the more difficult.  Being let down by those you respect is one thing, but being let down by one of the only groups that can leverage significant changes on such a critical issue is quite another.

There will be much said on this in the coming days, and we will have to see what the overall impact of this decision is. In the meantime however, it appears that there will be no model opiod rules.

Instead it will just apparently be opiods rule.

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Earl H. Dums Jr. 02/07/2013 06:45:16
I was injured three and half years ago. I was struct in the temple with a three and half inch fame gun nail. The extent of my injury is being overlooked, and not being given the right care. I was cut off my workers-compensation pay after three months, and has been struggleing ever since. the nail damaged my sinus septom,and left me with stretching sensation, head pain, drainage in my sinuses, and cann't sleep. I have pressure behind my left eye,,and water on my left ear, thats been there ever since the injury. They don't believe i need pain meds. I believe people who really needs the meds should have the right to them!
FK 02/08/2013 05:19:11
Earl, this isn't about keeping pain meds from people. It is about using them wisely and making sure they don't kill you, or destroy your life completely.
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