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From the Archives: CompBob! - New Employee Policies Issued By The Company

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Originally published September 8, 2008 - CompBob!, the only stand up comedian for the workers' compensation industry, reviews new employment policies issued by his employer, WorkersCompensation.com. 


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CompBob! Resident Comedian

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Email it to us at compbob@workerscompensation.com. Be sure to include your name and company, and CompBob! will be happy to provide credit (or assign blame) wherever it is due!

Who Is CompBob!?

CompBob! first appeared on WorkersCompensation.com around 2005, and was the mascot for our first subscriptiona area, the "CompBob! Members Area". Eventually we learned that CompBob! had many talents, and we put him to use reporting poll results on our weekly video report, and ultimately realizing his true talent; telling jokes. He deployed his unique brand of humor and truly animated delivery style for several years on our site, until he succumbed to technical obsolesence. CompBob!'s voice was not compatible with Windows Operating System versions after XP, and alas, when our final XP machine passed away in 2010, it took CompBob! to the grave with it.

Even after 4 years, we still hear from people asking what happened to CompBob! They seemed to miss him, although we cannot for the life of us figure out why. We decided to make the technical changes necessary to repair and restore him, and were pleased to bring him back to life in January of 2015. He even got a spiffy new tie to complement the CompBob! ensemble.

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